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Clients Receive:

  • Transparency

  • Security

  • Quality

  • Flexibilty

  • Savings


For each of our services we can offer a full turnkey Design & Construct Service or a Construction Only Service. With our D&C Service we can offer an internal Design Service as well as the other Professional Services that are associated with a Construction Project. These include Engineering, Landscape Design, the Certifier Services. We can also manage the council approval process. 


renovation 5.jpg


The P2P business model is ideally suited to Renovation & Extension work. We can produce a Project Budget Report based the Clients wish list,and if necessary, prior to any sketch or concept designs being undertaken. The report is based on Room by Room composite items and regional live data is used at this stage. This ensures greater accuracy (up to 5% tolerance) rather than the usual M2 rates. This Report confirms the accuracy of the budget based the clients wish list and leads to a budget led design. We also use Construction Management software to provide business efficiencies throughout the construction period of the Project.


cb 1.jpg

The business model is equally effective for Custom New Homes. Like the renovation and extension Projects the Project Budget Report ensures that the home is designed to the budget. The Client also has the opportunity to purchase any materials, fixture and fittings at trade, without P2P adding a builders margin to these goods. This results in large savings for the Client that they would not receive from a traditional form of Tendering.



As P2P has a mid rise builders licence, we have the ability to construct Town House developments for investors or developers. With the flexibility of purchasing the materials at trade, and the security of knowing that 100% of the Project Funds are spent on the Project, our business model makes a very competitive and safe option to the traditional tendering and construction method.


comm fit out.jpg

The P2P business model can be easily be adapted to commercial fit outs. The same principles apply to this form of construction as to the residential renovation and new build construction. The Client will receive the same tangible benefits as the other methods of construction. 


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The P2P business model can also successfully work with insurance claims. This eliminates the notoriously high quotes that insurance companies usually receive from builders. The insurance company knows exactly what the P2P's construction management fee will be and pay the sub contractors and materials costs (directly without builders margin). The Quotation will be far more competitive than a traditional builders insurance Quotation

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